See the world from a new Perspective and join a good cause! All while having heaps of fun and looking absolutely stunning!

Special Offers and Sponsorship

Hello beautiful ones!

Welcome to my blog! The first post of many and I can’t wait to get to know you all and let you all get to know me! 🙂

Today’s post may seem a little unrelated to what I do. After all, what does a student photography exhibition have to do with boudoir photography?

However, this group of amazing graduating advanced diploma photography students that I have gotten to know over the last (almost) two years have so much to offer in their respective fields, but they need sponsorship, both financially and in the form of prizes for their fundraising events.

So, until the end of November, I will be donating $50 of my session fee for each half hour session booked and $100 for each hour long session. That’s a third of what I earn from each session which goes towards helping you plan your session, the session itself, preparing your images for the viewing after your session and the viewing session itself, the rest of course going towards the cost of locations, professional hair and makeup and all the other expenses involved in organising each session. This offer is also valid for my Boudoir Weekends!

I will also donate two gift bags for every 50 comments this post gets as prizes for their quiz night fundraiser!

So get on board and support the second year Photo Imaging students’ exhibition ‘Perspective’ with me and get some stunning images and have heaps of fun at the same time! The second year students are truly talented and believe me, it will be money well spent towards a great cause! 🙂

Stay beautiful everyone! 🙂

Colette Duggan.

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