I see your light my brave and courageous Firefly. You shine from within.


Hello Beautiful Ones!

One of my gorgeous clients sent me this link this morning to an article on the Huffington Post website and I couldn’t resist sharing it with you all, it just sums up who I am and what I love to do so beautifully.

I am one of the fireflies. And finally this year, my light began to become noticed by others.

Perhaps you identify more with the firefly than the butterfly. Perhaps you feel that in a world surrounded by people who tend to get noticed more than you, perhaps because they are closer to that ‘ideal’ or because their talents tend to be more noticeable, that you aren’t as beautiful as them, that you aren’t as good as them.

“Maybe you know a Firefly. Maybe you love a Firefly.

If you are or if you do, please don’t wait. Don’t wait for someone to hand over an award or a certificate to make these talents and gifts “official.” That day may never come. So say it now. Say this:

I see your light, my brave and courageous Firefly.
You shine from within.

And regardless of whether anyone else sees it — you know it’s there, and I know it’s there.

And just you wait. Someday the world is going to see what I see. And your light will be so beautiful, so brilliant, so bright that the world is going to stop and wonder where such a light comes from.

You and I will both know that light, well, it’s been there all along.
And I am here to protect that light, my brave and courageous Firefly.”

To read the full article (which parents will also find helpful for encouraging their young fireflies) click here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/rachel-macy-stafford/children-who-shine-from-within_b_5649737.html

Stay Beautiful,

Colette Duggan

Which do you identify with more? The Butterfly or the Firefly? Tell me in the comments below! ūüôā

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