Redefining Beauty – One Woman at a Time!


Hello Beautiful Ones,

I posted this in a private group on facebook about what I want to create in the world and I want to share it with you all.

This is why I do what I do. It’s not just to have a career doing something I love (although that’s definitely a reason), but I want to do something that will reveal the beauty and light in the lives of others:

“I want to help show women that they are beautiful no matter what they look like, whether they match the image of ‘ideal beauty’ or not (because let’s not forget that some women do match or almost match that ideal and they are beautiful too), whether they wear makeup or not.

I’m not against self-improvement or the use of cosmetics for fun or to express yourself (or on stage under stage lights since it helps the audience see more than a featureless blob). However, it upsets me that women (in fact, people in general) feel that they have to do certain things, apply certain things, wear certain things in order to feel beautiful, to think that they are good enough, because they don’t automatically match that ‘ideal’.

I want to help people to see that they are beautiful, that they are good enough and give them a lasting memory of that for them to look at both on good days when they are at the top of their game and on the days where they think they look like a cat dragged through a bush backwards (I credit my mother for that saying) and feel that they aren’t good enough and shouldn’t even try, to give them a pick-me-up to remind them that none of that is true.

I want women to walk into their bathrooms (or whatever room they frequent most in the morning) in the morning and see a stunning piece of wall art hanging above their mirror (or other often viewed spot) and say “wow, I am freaking beautiful”. I want them to see their beauty every time the press a button on their phone to unlock it, as their background image on their phone or computer, on their social media accounts and feel like doing a happy dance. I want them to walk into their bedroom at night and see more examples of their beauty, whether hanging above their bed, framed on their chest of drawers or bedside table or by looking through an album, that will cause them to fall asleep smiling and happy.

I don’t want to fill the world with beauty, it’s already full of beauty. I want to fill the world with people who are aware that they are beautiful and are able to see the beauty in themselves, others and the world around them. I want people to stop comparing themselves to others and nitpicking other women’s appearances and clothing choices and begin complimenting and supporting them instead.

Just writing that has me excited by the possibilities. I think this might be my longest post yet #sorrynotsorry #adelaide #beautiful”

Stay Beautiful,

Colette Duggan.

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